Transform your interiors with doors that boast not only durability but also a rich array of styles, from wood to fabric and leather-inspired designs. Customize sizes, groove lines, and bring your imagination to life.

With scratch and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and moisture-resistant coating, our flooring thrives in Thailand’s humid


Introducing Engineered Wood Stair Steps,  a harmonious blend of nature’s allure and timeless design; inviting you to ascend with a touch of elegance. 

Wall Panel

Each panel tells a story of innovation and artistry, allowing you to reimagine your walls as a canvas of endless possibilities.

50 Years of Architectural Products

With a legacy spanning over 50 years in manufacturing excellence, we proudly trace our origins from a humble sawmill to a preeminent producer of construction materials.

Envisioned to be more than just materials, we infuse life into spaces. Our mastery lies in crafting exquisite wooden and synthetic products that transcend time and trends.